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Flash Animator with 5 years of experience for HIRE!

2014-02-13 04:46:10 by PeAtrit

Hello! I am a flash animator with 5 years of experience! I am for hire. Please PM me or contact me via this email: Thanks.


Its been one hell of a while since i was here last time! I think it was like 2 years ago?

Anyways, i am just here to tell you all that i've been so occupied with school and personal issues that
i've really not put any time into animating. I used to have alot of energy and creativity before, i would like
finish a 2-3 minutes animation a week! (And that is ALOT) But with later times, i somehow lost the grip.
People started accusing me of things, in forums, and i left. Besides, i was too occupied with the forums,
arguing with people who never really liked me. So no, i am not someone famous - enough!

But i am just here to say that if you have a creativity big enough to fill a room, make sure to use it!
Apply for schools where they have animation! Travel states if you must. Do what you want to do with your life.
Dont let anyone stop you. Its very important that you follow your heart. Animation is a way of art that allows
you to create your own world. The only two ingredients you need are TIME and ENERGY.
Animate a movie, if it sucks, animate again, and carry on like that, untill you become the very best.
Thats how you make progress. If youre still not good enough, then look at how other people do it, and learn.

Get inspired by all the amazing animations you see everyday, here on Newgrounds!
Dont be afraid to become a "thief", just because youre inspired by something. Let me tell you one thing:
EVERYONE STEALS. Even the very best still steal ideas and tip, in order to become better.
Its nothing bad, however, stealing an entire movie and claiming it to be yours is WRONG.
But nowehre is it written that its wrong to "borrow" inspiration! Originality is hard, and often hard for people to understand. If you can succeed though, then good job!

Well, thats all i have to say! Good bye now!

Well hello newgrounders! I've finally gotten into flash - again, after a break - and am now animating a flash about D-Day during World war II. It has inspiration from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" and is about the assault on the beach. I will try to include voiceacting, aswell as dramatics. As for now, its only the shooting scenes that's been made! Take a look at the preview!


On other notes, i am in my spring break, and i am going to work!
Check out my videos on my channel:

Youtube Channel I've gotten into movie and film producing, so thats why i've been doing other stuff lately.

Anyways, leave a comment and tell me whatcha think?

27th June, 2011: Saving Private Ryan - [Upcoming animation: PREVIEW]

2011 5th of April: News? Well...

2011-04-05 08:52:30 by PeAtrit

Well, hello NG! it's been a while since my last post! I haven't been animating much lately, but i am considering beginning again! This time, going all the way! I've been studying alot and making alot of movies - yes, i am now a movieproducer! I am on my second year at college :)

I promise you, i will work on ideas and come back with movies! I just need to get some othert things
out of the way! Also, i've been requested to make a commercial movie for 50 dollars! (thats 500 SEK)
so that is alot, also, this is my first payed job, so i am pleased!

Here, i will show you a few of my latest, finished productions!

Hobbex Commercial - Gunfight

Musicvideo (Eye See Pain - Misery)

Latest, unfinished flashmovies:

(These are the only ones that can actually be understood, since the rest of my movies are in swedish ^^)

Hope to see you soon again!

P.S. I got a haircut!

2011 5th of April: News? Well...

Greetings Newgrounders! How are ye doing? Splendid to hear! (lets pretend you actually answered)

So, as you all know, i work with several projects at the same time,
but i tend to begin a new one after i become bored, and here it is!
This is an upcoming musicvideo with the song "Birthday girl - made by The Roots ft. Patrick Stump",
and its about a girl that turns 17 on her birthday but finds that celebrating with family and having a party at home seems rather boring, so she gets sick of it and decides to leave her family inorder to go to a party where her "friends" are waiting. What is more important, family or alcohol? (I see what i did tharr...)

Its not like young people sit with their family at home when they have birthdays, is it?
Times are changing and young folks are getting more stupid and more arrogant.

Eitherway, the motto for the musicvide is to be
"I am never too old to celebrate my birthday with my family"

Whatever that means...


Have a look at the screenie!

I am going to delay this due to upcoming work (In real life, i got the job as a gardener around my community :) , its amazing and i get payed well! You know, authorities job...)

So, basically, this may be done in a matter of weeks!

Untill then, have a great time, and while you are at it, listen to the actual song i am using!
Click here ---> CLICK HERE



Check out me art! : D
What ye think?


Thats all for today! Have a nice time! : D



2010 7th July: New project! "BIRTHDAY GIRL" musicvideo!

Greetings all Newgrounder's! How be ye all? Good? Very nice! ^

Lately, i have been rather busy and haven't had the time to make any big animations!
And i cant come up with a good idea either!

So, i am turning to you, NG, if you have ANY ideas that you would like to see here,
SEND IN! PM or here is my email:

Thank you!




1. NEWEST MOVIE: Tablet Fullbody

Its Only A Dream


MORE NEWS: "Started a Normandie Movie"

- I've chosen Video as headline in school so in a while, i will learn how to EDIT my animations better!

- I've also started a world war 2 movie! Its about Normandie,
when the US army landed there and fought the German defence.

Its going to be VERY dramatic and rather NASTY!

SEE MOVIE SO FAR (10 % finished - 30 fps) :

More news:
- I want to start a series. Give suggestions. : D

There we go!

Screenshot of movie so far!


2010 NEWS: Tablet Art & Animaton - "Started a Normandie Movie" - "More Fullbody"

Hello NG! Long time, No See!
Now, i havent been active in animation for a while, so i am A LITTLE RUSTY.
BUT - the good news are that i have started a New animation, called "Lady Love"
Its going to be about a little lady, who's husband has passed away recently, and the lady is all alone in the world. She tries to find something more useful in life then just sitting at home and drinking tea.

I will use heavy graphics, so be prepared! I am also using a new style, so hopefully, its going to be something special! : D (pardon me for me' bad English, i am Swedish so English is my second language)

ANYWAYS, have a look at these latest tries; (for which have failed, but.. )

Pointless Sticky
Click here

World War 2 : D (quite good)

Click Here


"Lady Love" - Brand New Animation coming up! : D Check it out!

Yeah, whats up Newgrounds?
I felt like animating, so i made a series.

People, meet a Computer Hacker, working together with the Police cheif, in the cold streets of N.Y.
After several years of a dangerous game, between the corrupted Police chief and the Hacker,
the bubble blasted.

- The police cheif had made sure that the other officers in the force failed everytime
they tried to track the Hacker.
One day, they managed to, and things get hot behind the ears for the Hacker,
as he tries to escape.

The chief knows he is in some deep shit, so he has to get rid of the Hacker, once and for all.
And bury the investigation before its too late....

Please, watch episode 1:

Episode 1
(btw, sorry for the bugs, erros, and typos, i had to redo it alot, due to the fact that it
didnt fit the witdh and wide sizes)

Anyways, it will be a Action/Police Crime movie, and i (i hope) will include GUNS! lol
Heres a peek:

The guy with the round glasses is the Hacker,
The police officer is corrupted, with the Police chief.

If you simply watch episode 1, you'll get it!

The Hacker: Episode 2 Cooming soon! [A Police Crime Story]

2009 NEWS:

2009-01-04 10:28:21 by PeAtrit

Hellow people! ;D

Here are some updates for 2009;

- I am starting with Fullbody Cartoons (2D though)

- I got shitload of school work to do! So i will try and animate as much as i can...

- I am learnin financial commersial business .. or however the hell you spell it, lol.
(designing the comercial photos, images, videos, etc = SUPER! )

- I've been sick through christmas holiday, and it sucked... really.. -___-'
This had nothing to do with any of the stuff above, but i was bored.

Anyway, i will also learn how to make Photoshop backgrounds for Cartoon Animated movies.

So... Peace! Btw, here's an image of my first animation cartoon guy

2009 NEWS: