Entry #15

Flash Animator with 5 years of experience for HIRE!

2014-02-13 04:46:10 by PeAtrit

Hello! I am a flash animator with 5 years of experience! I am for hire. Please PM me or contact me via this email: alterartsmedia@hotmail.se Thanks.


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2014-02-13 21:51:54

I'll keep you in mind


2014-02-14 12:31:44

Honestly dude, you're posting in the wrong arena.
Do you have a site? A portfolio? Build these up and then hit indeed and careerbuilder.


2014-02-15 00:59:24

Looking at your past movies here, they have some pretty under-average scores. I'm sorry, but if I were an employer, you wouldn't be my first pick. Maybe you should post to a more "industrial" kind of site like linkedin and also start working on a portfolio that showcases your best work. Right now you didn't provide that so I have no idea what talent I'm up against. Good luck in the future though! If you were ballsy enough to post something like this to newgrounds then I can tell you that you're gonna go far.